BNF Tools Version 2.0: Migration Notes

Discovered features in version 1.0 and their migration status, as well as further migration notes are summarised below.

Core Features:

  1. BNF front-end - lexer, parser, linker, etc.
  2. Model serialisation - translates a textual representation to and from an Ecore model
  3. IDE - provides editors and other IDE features, e.g. outline, auto-completion, syntax highlighting, quick-fixing, etc.

Validation Rules:

These rules will give warnings in the editor if they find inconsistencies and constraint violations in the code.

  1. checkUpdateGrammarConsistency: checks if the grammar is an updated grammar, for consistency validation between the original grammar and the new grammar
    • status: not migrated
  2. checkReferencedOnlyOnce: checks if there are rules that are only referenced only once, this is an inlining hint
    • status: migrated
  3. checkPassthroughRule: checks if a rule gets just passed through, e.g. a ::= b, b ::= "literal" <=> a ::= "literal", which is better for EBNF
    • status: migrated
  4. checkEqualAlternative: checks if a rule has equal alternatives, e.g.: a::= d | d
    • status: migrated
  5. checkDuplicateRules: checks if there is another rule that has the same right hand side, e.g.: a ::= "literal" | b, c ::= "literal" | b
    • status: migrated
  6. checkSubruleDuplicates: checks if there are identical parts of right hand sides, this is an extract subrule hint e.g. a::= b c d and f::= e c d <=> a::= b g and f::= e g with g::= c d
    • status: not migrated
  7. checkUnusedRule: checks if a rule never used (except for the first rule)
    • status: migrated
  8. checkNameIsUnique: checks if the name of a rule is already in use e.g. a ::= "end", a ::= "fin"
    • status: migrated


Generating an intermediate xsl-fo representation for all BNF grammars, which can then be rendered to PDF or RTF using apache-fop

  • status: partially migrated, merge or delta grammars not supported (were they in the original implementation?)


Automated formatting support

  • legacy: had some formatting support, but it was commented out in the main project
  • migrated: line-break after every rule, white-spaces after all literals, possible update to line-break and double tab after all >|< bars

Refactoring and Quick-fixing:

Automated restructuring and quick fixing support.

  1. auto numbering of rules
    • status: not migrated
  2. remove unused rules
    • status: migrated
  3. replacement of pass-through rules
    • status: not migrated
  4. uppercase token rules
    • status: not migrated
  5. find references
    • status: provided by xtext2
  6. renaming
    • status: provided by xtext2
  7. inline rules referenced only once
    • status: not migrated

Grammar Composition:

Three grammar types:

  • grammar: normal grammar
  • delta grammar: different notation for an extension grammar,
    • adds new rules to a grammar (regular rules) and adds changes to rules of the extended grammar (extension rules) (can be automatically created)
  • merge grammar: for merging extensions

The legacy version had an automatic composition process for merge grammars with a small pop-up-menu.

  • status: at the moment no support for grammar composition in the migrated version
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