BNF Tools: Known Issues and Limitations


  1. \ currently serves as an escape character in strings, thus it needs to be escaped by a double backslash - \\, e.g. "\"=> "\\"


  1. Check equal rules: only rules that are no permutation are equal:
    • a ::= "foo" | "bar" and b ::= "bar" | "foo" do not count as equal!
  1. Equality of rules does not contain the check for whitespaces in tokens:
    • a ::= "foo bar" and b ::= "foobar" do not count as equal!


  1. Generated output does not include includes from other files
  2. Generated output in RTF format adds empty spaces to "}". This seems to be an upstream issue as the generated output in PDF format does not have this issue. It is recommended to use the PDF output or to manually replace the added spaces in the generated RTF file. Upstream fix or a workaround may be considered if this issue is considered important.
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